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The red beaches of Panjin China are just a coastal wonder of

The red beaches of Panjin China are just a coastal wonder of this miraculous world wonder. With tourist attractions that include Shuangtaihekou State National Reserve which is home to more than 321 species of animal with millions of birds calling it there home for half the year as well as supply’s refuge for 20 different endangered species. China is obviously world famous for its landscapes and pinks, reds and orange plant and tree-life. The Red Beach or better known as Red Sea Beach is part of the largest wetlands and marsh in the entirety of the world. Each April the process of the red reeds begins as it lives and dies with the seasons. In April the grass is a faint red before maturing into the deep red shown in the picture above. This is a very valuable landscape and further protected on a state level.The largest reed marsh is also located right next door to the beach and as well generates an abundance of tourism for the town. The Red Crowned Crane is among one of these lands endangered as well as the Black Mouth Gull which breads and ensures the existence of their species because of this beautiful place.Leah Spengler

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