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awesome story. "Love Conquers All" in Latin. I really love the girl's story behind it: Tattoo story: My boyfriend passed away this past Friday - August 7th… Four years just doesn’t seem like much, when you knew forever existed. It hurts me so bad to hear my parents say he was their son-in-law, and it hurts me even more - basically kills me to hear his mom say I was her daughter-in-law. We were perfect. We had our whole future in line and planned. He got the tattoo on his chest to surprise me; I didn’t believe it was real at first, so I tried to scratch it off a little (he stopped me). It means “love conquers all” in Latin. It was our little “love quote” to each other because we fell in love so quickly; Though we had our battles, we never, ever stopped loving each other. I got mine four hours after I heard the news. We were also a long distance relationship; same state, two hours apart. Our relationship was never simple, but love conquered us and no matter the issue, no matter the distance, no matter the problem - we got through it, always. I’m missing my home, It feels like I’m never going to fill this huge void. I know, people say it gets easier, and I know it will. People also say I’ll find someone eventually, and maybe I will, but no one, ever, will be my Rodney Dewane. No one else, ever. I love you, Rodney. Happy us day, baby. Emilye Martin

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