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I have so thought about you so much and this but here

I have so thought about you so much and this but here we go and I hope it doesn't push you even further away if that is possible. Just so I'm clear and just in case you ever do look again... The caption is Not for you you will always be in my heart! I know I went away I was feeling abandoned as a friend in my heart as you couldn't even say goodbye when I was so so so excited for your new adventure. Please don't ask or tell, not that I really expected you to anyway, but you went away first and its not the first time, not me. You so make me question the def of friendship with some but not all of your actions towards me and I wonder and don't believe if it is the same with other friends, I believe not and so wonder why. I know a friend will be there even if it is 20 yrs before the next word and I am here always have been nothing has separated you from my heart not even time trust me I went 28 before. Please don't disrespect my friendship even if you do not respect my feelings. I have tried to respect you and I so do I hope you see that, I just ask if you can't respect my feelings, please respect me as your friend. You know my heart, and what your friendship has meant to me, I so hope and pray! Just in case you wonder I am good other than it is getting super busy at work, hope you are good too, if you do see, i hope it was a good time for you I so really do and wish I could hear. take care I haven't expected anything from you and certainly don't now, except a true friendship from your heart. no matter what I have said in the past, it is all true and forever will be to my heart friendship or not. I am really trying to change my expectations I really am and it is hard. I am here for you I really am for anything with all my heart! In the event we speak again if I seem short to you please understand I am not trying to be mean I am trying to understand I want to talk to you and I have asked for understanding and patience from above and it will take patience and time for me. I miss my friend and I hope you will still be my friend even if time means years, I pray not, you are and will forever not be in my heart but the very beat of my heart every day that I live! You always have been and you will forever be friend or not!PIN PLACE

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