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Father God... In all humbleness I come before you. Grateful for life,

Father God... In all humbleness I come before you. Grateful for life, health, strength, and the forgiveness of my sins. Lord I ask Everytime you find something in me that shouldn't be. Please? Take it out of me, I want to be right and whole for you. I want to be available to you. To fulfil your devin purpose for my life. I can only pray that you would grant me the bleassing of walking in your wisdom, grace, and love. That I can hold tight to your gift of salvation. THANK YOU JESUS! I ask that I recieve the same that Salomon received? Wisdom to obtain the things that need be obtained. But most importantly the gift of wisdom to be an effective witness for you. Drawing masses to the Kingdom of Christ. You said in your word. The first sign of wisdom is the respect of the Lord. My God I highly respect you, your will and way for my life. Where you lead I follow. Let your wisdom be the light that leads me on my traveled path. In Jesus Christ Blessed name. Grant us traveling mercy today and keep us safe... Amen...illadelp Philly

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