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This is NOT true in my case. You were MORE than good

This is NOT true in my case. You were MORE than good enough for me. I didn't deserve you. You're amazing and I ALWAYS new that. I wanted you in my life so badly but was just cautious because of my past broken heart. I was so over protective of it AND of my children's that I took things very slowly. I honestly didn't think I could love again but you came into my life and loved me and opened my heart and proved to me that yes indeed I can love again. She was my cancer that was killing me for the past three years and you cured me. CURED ME. That's the best way I can relate it to you. I do NOT love her. I love YOU. I was ALWAYS excited to see you and talk to you and LOVED the fact that you were in my life and my kid's lives too. They are my world but you are my sun and moon and stars. Your light shines on my life, filling it with happiness. It beams from your smile and comes from deep inside of you. Remember how excited I was for you to meet my parents? I didn't care that you had been working at the farm all day. I accepted you, appreciated you, all of you, EXACTLY the way you are and I knew then that I wanted only you forever. I was so happy that you came over. I was ecstatic. I was beaming. Remember? It wasn't out of pride or ego or for a show. They were meeting the woman that I had fallen in love with. Not just an acquaintance or someone I had been hanging out with for companionship. You were the woman I was ready for. The woman I had been waiting for. The woman I had been building a relationship with for 5 months and wanted to move forward with. The woman I had fallen completely in love with. Yes, you are MORE than good enough, and worthy of EVERYTHING. And I, thanks to you, am ready. Ready, willing, and able. When the time is right and we're both ready for each other at the exact same time, it will happen, when it's meant to be. It is my sincerest hope and prayer that you still have love for me in your heart.Brandon Todd

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