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I think most of the people involved in this particular debate are in the U.S., where there are major fights going on right now about insurance covering contraceptives. Here Viagra is covered but for various reasons Birth Control isn't and it has basically been implied in the media several times lately that any woman who needs birth control must be a giant slut, which is blatant bull. Thus the original image.You are lucky to an extent because we don't really provide our poor with reasonable health care, the prevalent attitude is if you aren't wealthy enough to care for yourself or lucky enough to have a job with insurance, you should essentially just get lost. We also don't have the negotiations you do to keep the cost of medications low and it can cost someone without insurance as much as $200 to visit a Dr. let alone go to the emergency room. It's not easy to get them free or to get samples if you are having financial problems.Magpye M


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