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Essie No More Film v OPI Roadhouse Blues - This is the

Essie No More Film v OPI Roadhouse Blues - This is the deep navy, almost midnight, which I find wearable. Deep navy + matte is ultra chic. Unlike other nail polishes, matte nail polish requires more attention and does not follow the ordinary steps to applying nail polish. If you know how to do matte nail polish, you will even feel comfortable making your own matte nail polish designs and trying different colors. Here are simple steps for applying matte nailpolish: You do not need to apply a regular transparent or shiny nail polish coat first. Take your best matte nail polish and apply as the first coat to your nail. A single coat will do. It dries faster. Adding a second coat will end with a rough facade. Allow enough time to dry. Unless you are doing some French manicure on the tips, there is no need to apply a top coat. Otherwise it will end with a spoiled polish effect. Note: Some people apply a base coat to make it last longer. The truth is that you can do so, and it may or may not work for you. Nail art and fashion is about trial and error, Tips for Applying Matte Nail Polish Top Coat – How to Use Matte Top Coat If you intend not to buy some of the best matte nail polish picks out there, you can do with matte nail polish top coat. But what is this fingernail polish top coat? It is a top coat for nails that gives a matte effect even when you use ordinary nailpolish. The advantage of using a top coat is that you don’t need to buy OPI matte nail polish or Zoya’s matte products in order to get matte nail trend. You can use all the colors you want to achieve the matte trend on your nails. Apply the normal base coat of your favorite nail paint. Apply two coats of your favorite Sephora or OPI color, or any other. Allow time to dry and then apply matte top coat over the entire nail. You can also use it to create a matte French tip on your nails. Tips on the Use Matte Top Coat Some colors will look different with matte top coats. It is normal. Avoid oily products when using matte nail polish. Lotions and cuticle creams should be avoided before using matte top coat. Opi Matte Nail Polish, Essie, Revlon, Zoya – Top Brands of Matte Polish for Nail Lacquer Opi Matte Nail Polish, Essie, Revlon, Zoya – Top Brands of Matte Polish for Nail Lacquer Many reviews point to Opi matte nail polish as the best. Some show that Essie matte polish is also close to that due to the effects it creates and ease of use. Opi is quick to apply because it does not require a base coat. Most Opi matte nail lacquers dry very fast, unlike many others that take hours on end to dry. I guess those are the advantages that make it qualify as the best matte nail polish. Here are common brands considered the best matte nail polish and coats. Best Matte Nail Polish and Top Matte Nail Polish Top Coats – Brands to Try Essie’s Matte About You Top Coat goes for about $10 Zoya’s Matte Velvet Winter collection Essie Matte topcoat China Glaze matte top coat (the fastest to dry, about 5 minutes!) NYC’s Matte Me Crazy top coat ORLY No Chip matte top coat Orly’s Matte Top ($8.25) China Glaze’s Matte Magic Flat Finish Top Coat ($3) How to Apply Matte Nail Polish with French Manicure Tip Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte Top Coat Orly Matte Top Coat Orly Nails for Males Nubar V For Men Matte Finish Nail Protector Barielle’s Matte-inee Top Coat Gargantuan Green Grape Matte Alpine Snow Matte La Paz-itively Hot Matte You Don’t Know Jacques Matte Lincoln Park After Dark Matte Russian Navy Matte Sephora matte top coat Black Matte Nail Polish – Common Color Trends to Try Definitely black matte nail polish is very common. You can try other colors such as pink, blue, turquoise, gold, purple matte, gray, brown, deep maroon, red, and so on. Gray matte is also a common appearance, especially if you are doing it with French manicure tips. If you are using ordinary nail polish or lacquer, you can achieve just about any color, including yellow and green matte. The trends in nail polish colors usually vary from season to season. DIY Matte Nail Polish – How to Make Matte Nailpolish at Home – With French Manicure Tips DIY matte nail polish, Best Matte Nail Polish and Top Matte Nail Polish Top Coats – Brands to Try With DIY matte nail polish tips, you can make your own matte paint from any nail polish you have at home. Here are steps on how to make matte nail polish at home: Have your regular nail polish ready. Any color will do, although most people prefer black nail polish, or even gray shades. Also, you’ll need to have some baby powder and a lid ready. Apply a clear base coat on your nails as you usually do. Take a lid and add a little baby powder to it. Spread it before you add the nail polish. Add a small amount of nail polish to the powder – just enough to do two fingernails because it is likely to dry faster before you finish doing all your fingernails. Mix the nailpolish with the powder to get an even paste. Now apply your DIY matte nail polish as usual. Do not apply too much of it at once; otherwise it will take too long to dry. Allow time to dry then add some French manicure strips that create a glossy tip. You can use a glossy matte nail polish can do for this. Use cutex remover to clean up the edges if they are messy. That’s it ladies – some simple DIY steps on how to make matte nail polish at home. Pros/Benefits of Matte Nail Polish There are many reasons why matte nail polish is among the nail fashion trends. Of course many people would wonder why something that does not shine like matte would be considered trendy or fashionable. But here are some pros you should know of. Matte nail polish is trendy and unique. You won’t find everyone applying matte on their fingernails. Therefore, this is your chance to look outstanding and unique. Having been criticized to be less durable, most manufacturers of matte nail polish such as OPI, Zoya, Claires, Elf, Essie, Revlon and La Girl have created matte nail paint that is stronger and even more durable compared to crème nail polishes. There is a wide variety to choose from. From trendy matte colors to those that come seasonally, you will find something that suits you. This nail polish is not limited to the original dark and murkier shades. You will always find something new for summer, winter, autumn and even spring season nail trends. There is an alternative with matte. If you want shinier matte trend, opt for semi-matte nail polish. It discourages the use of base coats and matte top coat, but it lasts longer than ordinary matte nail polishes. Cons of Matte Nail Polish Although it is a nail fashion to reckon with in the beauty industry, matte polish is known to have the following cons/disadvantages that sometimes make it less popular: It tends to chip away very fast and easily. This is because the use of a shiny protective top coat on matte polish is discouraged, leaving the nails more vulnerable to damage. You can try matte top coats that are designed to work with it though to make the polish last longer. Yet another con of matte nail polish is that you cannot use regular base coat together with matte. If you apply a matte nail polish that dries faster than the base coat, the latter will not dry completely. Since the drying times differ, your nails will get smudged so easily. You are likely to be limited to trying only base coats and matte top coats designed to work with this particular paint. Where to Buy Matte Nail Polish Where to get matte nail polish and matte top coats is not so difficult, now is it? I have bought some matte top coat from Walmart. It was by hardcandy and for me it was pretty good. I stayed with my polish for about a week before it started chipping. I have seen reviews of matte top coat best brands and some people even bought theirs, like NYC’s Matte Me Crazy top coat for less than $1 at Walmart. In the UK, some stores such as BeautyUK sell matte nail polish for cheap too. Most serious drugstores and beauty stores will have matte nail polishes where you can buy them. Add Walgreens, CVS and online stores to the list. See More on Fashion Nail Colors: Best Gelish Nail Polish Kits, Tips on How to Do and Remove Best Nude Nail Polish Colors Perfect for Your Skin Tone Neon Nail Polish Colors, Best Brands and How to Wear Neon Nails Best Pink Nail Polish Brands, Shades and How to Wear Pink Nails Best Red Nail Polish, Shades and How to Make and Wear Red Polish Clear Nail Polish Uses and Best Brands to Buy Best Green Nail Polish and How to Wear the TrendLady Alexandra

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