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How to Do a Poofy Ponytail By Brittany McComas: Create a full

How to Do a Poofy Ponytail By Brittany McComas: Create a full volume celebrity style ponytail with poof by hot rolling your hair. Poofy, full volume ponytails can be a cute and flirty hairstyle for those hot summer days or cold winter nights. A poofy ponytail is versatile and simple to create in just moments for a sweet hairstyle to glam up your hair with poof, shine and volume, adding style to any fashion. Whether it's a playful day at the beach or a run on your favorite ski slope, a poofy ponytail can keep your hair up and out of your face in a stylish way. Things You'll Need: Volumizing shampoo, Volumizing conditioner, Hot rollers, Towel, Blow-dryer, Diffuser, Hairspray, Comb, Bobby pin, Elastic band. 1. Wash and dry your hair in warm water using volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry. Plug in a set of hot rollers to heat and lay a hand towel over the rollers. 2. Blow dry your hair using a diffuser attachment. Use a round barrelled brush and blow-dry from root to tip, curling hair under with the brush to create extra volume. 3. Roll 1-inch sections of your hair under from front to back starting with your bangs. Hold a section of hair up toward the ceiling and wrap the ends around the barrell of the roller. Then roll down to your scalp and secure with a roller pin; continue this until all the hair is rolled. Set with hairspray. 4. Remove the hot rollers when they are cool to the touch. Tease hair on top of your head at the crown using a thin tooth comb; spray with hairspray to set then smooth over gently with the comb. Pull hair half back using the teased hair on top and bobby pin it to secure it. Here you are creating the poof on top of your head. 5. Pull the rest of your hair up and back into a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic band. Tease the hair at the base of the elastic band to build the volume or poof of the ponytail. Once you reach the volume you want, gently comb it to smooth fly-aways. Finish with hairspray.BJ Riordan

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