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I love fresh flowers, but ever since I got cats, my home

I love fresh flowers, but ever since I got cats, my home became a no-real-flower zone.[1. It’s highly likely that my cats would eat it, and that would be bad] I considered fake flowers, but: They’re actually quite expensive They look, well, fake -_-  After reading Marjorie’s post on flowers for home decor, I tried looking into silk flower arrangements as an option. Though they look realistic, they’re also quite expensive. So I decided to make my own :) Required Materials I purchased my silk flowers as a wedding bouquet from Afloral for $13 with free shipping. The perk of buying it as a bouquet is it’s already pre-arranged, and it’s cheaper than buying each flower individually. You can also find these wedding bouquets in art supply stores at a similar price You can buy beautiful, inexpensive glass vases at Marshall’s or Ross, or you can buy a plain one at dollar stores :) Even better, if you have ones lying around the house, you can just use those, which is what I did. Finally you need a filler, or else the flowers won’t stay. You can purchase marble accents at any craft store or Walmart for around $5, or you can purchase acrylic/craft/fake water for $10. Total cost: $18 Steps Clean your glass vase and remove any dust and debris. If you’re using acrylic water, make sure the vase is spotless or else you’ll end up with dirty water! Trim your flower stems so they fit the vase’s height. Fill …Whitney Tenboer

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