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Candy Bar Baby Shower Game There's a whole new meaning behind the

Candy Bar Baby Shower Game There's a whole new meaning behind the candy bars we eat! Playing the game: Guests are read a 'pregnancy and baby' related clue and asked to guess which candy or candy bar correlates to the clue. The guest with the correct guess gets the candy bar! Can you imagine the cute candy set up on the table? YUMMY! Preparation: Print out the list of candies and clues below. Then head to the candy isle and purchase one of each of the candies/bars on the below list. You're done! Variations: You can ready aloud the clue and the first one to answer get the candy or give each guest a list of clues on one side of a paper and a scrambled list of candies and candy bar names on the other side. Have them match the clues to the candy bars! Suggested prizes: The guest correctly guessing the candy/bar receives the candy bar. So what do you give the guests without a correct guess? Give them a box of 'Nerds' candy! Or if you do the clues and answers on a paper you could split up the candy in bags and give them to the top 3 guests! Pregnancy: Daddy at conception (Big Hunk) The conception (Skor) Pregnant belly (Chunky) Choosing baby's name (Whatchmacallit) Girl's name (Baby Ruth) Twin boys (Mike and Ike) Contractions (Now and Later) Labor and Delivery Hospital address (5th Avenue) Late to hospital (Rocky Road) Anesthesiologist (Mr. Goodbar) Epidurals (Life Savers) ...........LOVE THIS ONE! Labor and delivery nurses (Sweet Tarts) Daddy during delivery (Bonkers) Hospital nursery (Cry Babies ) Hospital bills (100 Grand) Hospital accountants (Nerds) Your baby's first days Seeing your baby (Tear Jerkers) 11 pound babies (Whoppers) Chunky baby (Rolo's) Breast engorgement (Mounds) Postpartum tummy (Jelly Belly)........Understand this one! Breast feeding (Milky Way) Grandparents (Sugar Daddies) Bringing your baby home Time alone (Zero)......I resemble this one! Mommy's lunch (Take 5) Mommy's sleep time (Fast Break) Baby giggles (Snickers) Diapers, formula, medicine (Payday) Dirty diaper (Milk Duds) Lullabyes (Symphony) Love my baby (Hugs and Kisses) So what candy knick name is your favorite?Trudi Daigle

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