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The m&m Guessing Game Ok really I just made it up but

The m&m Guessing Game Ok really I just made it up but I think it is a great activity, just might pass it on to a teacher friend or two. I went with the mini bag of peanut m&m's because we don't want little boys to be hopped up on chocolate and stuck on an airplane. I am sure 8 peanut m&m's won't get him too hyped up. Peanuts have protein that is good right? Anyway... He has to guess how many m&m's are in the bag. (I felt the bag and know the answer is 8) The printed sheet says to guess how many of each color is in the bag and write his guesses down. Then when he opens it, he has to count the real number of each color and write it down to see how close he was at guessing. He also has to draw a picture of his m&m's at the bottom with his colored pencils. So he will have a cute picture of colored little ovals at the bottom I am hoping anyway. :) Keep him busy, do a little math, and eat a little snack.Leonor

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