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Came across this gem and thought I'd share this as a nightly

Came across this gem and thought I'd share this as a nightly blessing! You know, as life gets more and more complicated we sometimes tend to rely on ourselves and others instead of relying fully on Almighty God. It happens to the best of us, but through prayer and repentance we can be forgiven. Gods' timing is always perfect and his will is always perfect. Like, for example; I have goals and plans for myself like finishing high school, attending college, graduating college, starting my practice, marriage and children but the good Lord almighty has a plan for me and it is good. He has a plan for you too! He will love, protect and always provide the best for us. But, God will overall have the say over our future whether we plan to go to College in NY, God might call us to a college in Virginia. We may be upset at the time, but God knows what he is doing. He may be using us as a blessing to others. To spread his holy word. So I pray, tonight and tomorrow that we are welcoming of Gods plan and always listening to him. Amen! / Love

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