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1902: Theodore Roosevelt’s son Quentin and his friend Roswell Pinckney. “Quentin Roosevelt, son of US 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, and one of his “White House Gang” playmates, Roswell Pinckney in 1902. The White House Gang was made up of the young companions of the Roosevelt children who wrecked havoc on White House decorum, shooting spit balls at a portrait of Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory,” wearing fake monocles to the dismay of the French ambassador who dropped his own into his tea upon seeing, the boys and a host of other childhood pranks that caught the attention of the press and the American people throughout TR’s 7 years in the White House. The Gang did not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, or age, as the President, Theodore Roosevelt was allowed to be an honorary member.” - Wikipedia Pictures by Frances JohnstonShannon Russeff

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