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Sock BunI Heart Pinterest | Sock Bun Curls OCTOBER 12, 2011 BY

Sock BunI Heart Pinterest | Sock Bun Curls OCTOBER 12, 2011 BY KAYLA AIMEE I kept seeing this sock bun curls tutorial floating around Pinterest and decided to try it since I had such good success with the no heat curls. I like this one too because it doesn’t use any heat but it took me a few tries to get the technique down. I was looking for more tips and kept seeing blogs where people linked to the tutorial but then would say “oh but I used a curling iron in these pictures.” That is annoying. So I am sharing my tips with y’all. The pictures above have no extra styling, I just woke up, took down the bun and finger-combed with a little frizz-control serum. Here are my tips for perfect sock bun curls: 1) Put a little hair product in your hair before you roll it up. I used a little bit of light-hold spray gel over my damp hair and it definitely made the curls last longer. 2) Use a child sized sock for a tighter fit. Mine kept falling out so I picked up some little girl socks in the dollar spot at Target and they worked much better. 3) Use two socks! Cut two socks like she shows in the video. After you’ve rolled your hair into the sock bun, pull the other sock over the entire bun. This will keep all of your hair in place and prevent it from falling out and frizzing while you sleep. 4) Don’t worry about covering the entire sock. Mine looked the best when only about half to three-quarters of the sock was covered with hair. 5) Practice! It will take a few times to sort of figure out the rhythm of rolling your hair into the sock. Go slowly and make sure your ends are tucked in nicely or they will look weirdly crimped. If you have layers, you’ll have to pull them into the bun as you go. This is definitely now on my go-to list of quick and easy hair styles. The only downfall is that after you roll your hair up for the night, you kind of look like a Teletubby.Sherry Hankee

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