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Five Unexpected Beauty Treatments... 1: Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Gel... While

Five Unexpected Beauty Treatments... 1: Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Gel... While Monistat is not a brand known for it’s “beauty” products, this gel contains the exact same main ingredient (dimethicone) as other pricey foundation primers like Smashbox Photo Finish… but for less than half the price! 2: Preparation Hswear by this little trick! Preparation H contains an active ingredient that reduces swelling and can be used to take down puffiness under the eyes. Just a smidge of this stuff dabbed under the eyes on a clean face should do the trick, but be careful not to get any directly in your eye....Many makeup artists around the country ! (Ouch!) 3: Olive Oil...Having trouble getting your makeup off? Just head into the kitchen! Olive Oil makes a great eye-makeup remover and takes off waterproof mascara in a flash. Just put a tiny dab on a cotton-round and gently sweep the area clean. Make sure to wipe away any leftover residue as you don’t want an oily pillow! 4: Nightingale-Droppings Facial...These collected bird droppings are prepped with ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria, then ground into a fine powder. The odorless powder is then mixed with water to form a paste. A traditional Japanese Geisha beauty secret, it is said to bleach and exfoliate the skin. Bird poo facial? Who knew?! 5: Beer Bath....The vitamins in the beer bath are said to rejuvenate your pores and relieve tension in your muscles (although drinking it helps with that too). It’s also great for your hair; yeast and hops help to swell the hair shaft and plump the cuticle, adding volume. The acidity of the beer helps remove product build-up. In the shower, pour a bottle of beer over your hair after you shampoo–just be sure to rinse with clean water so that you don’t end up smelling like a frat boy! Lindsay File

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