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Cultivar name: 'Balucemlow.'Welcome to the bright, everblooming, ultra-adaptable world of Lucky Lemon

Cultivar name: 'Balucemlow.'Welcome to the bright, everblooming, ultra-adaptable world of Lucky Lemon Glow! This Lantana outperforms all others when it comes to temperature extremes and environmental stresses from deer to poor soil. Compact and super-floriferous, it's the perfect choice for sunny annual beds, hanging baskets, planters, and so much more!Lucky Lemon Glow is very compact at just 12 to 16 inches high and nearly as wide. Very well-branched and bushy, it covers itself in stunning white-and-yellow blooms from early summer all the way into fall in most climates. The flowers open from knobby yellow buds, and no two are just alike. Beautiful "butter and sugar" color for any setting!Clothed in dark green foliage, Lucky Lemon Glow is a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds, yet deer leave it alone. It soaks up heat and humidity eagerly, and doesn't mind a bit of drought. Best of all, it bounces back quickly from rain, unlike older varieties. Lucky Lemon Glow always looks terrific!Show off this super-easy, always-beautiful Lantana in your garden this season. You'll love how carefree and colorful it is! Pack of 6 plants.Garden Fresh Express Shipping at No Extra ChargeWhen it's time for your plants to make their journey from our greenhouses to your doorstep, we take no chances with their health. Every plant receives Express (2-day) shipping at the more economical standard shipping rates, so that it arrives promptly, without enduring delays along the way.Kathleen Reynolds

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