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Sazerac | INGREDIENTS: rye whiskey (lou prefers jefferson's) • absinthe • peychaud's bitters • angostura bitters • sugar cubes • lemon • ice • shaker • chilled rocks glass • drink stirrer | MIXING: sugar cube into the shaker and saturate the sugar cube with peychaud's bitters (just enough of it to make the cube turn red) • 2.  add two drops of angostura bitters and muddle the sugar cube until it is fully dissolved • 3. add 2 oz of jefferson's rye whiskey and mix • 4. fill shaker halfway with ice and stir vigorously. let sit • 5. pour 1 tablespoons (roughly) absinthe into the chilled glass and swirl it around to coat the glass.  dump out liquid. • 6. return to shaker, stir vigorously again and let sit. • 7. cut an inch or so of lemon rind and bend/roll to release flavor. place lemon in chilled rocks glass. • 8. stir liquid in shaker once again and then strain into chilled glass. (not just a man's drink)Andree Moy


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