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NUTELLA CRACK PIE The original recipe is from the whimsical and deliriously talented pastry chef, Christina Tosi at the acclaimed Momofuku in New York. The recipe, printed in the LA Times last year, started an immediate Crack Pie baking fever. So, what better way to celebrate World Nutella Day 2011, than by making a great thing - a great thing with Nutella.Last year, for World Nutella Day, I made 3 cocktails. It was only fitting that I continued the theme of adult Nutella consumption. However, although the name sounds adult, the entire family can enjoy and fight over this pie (you may want to change the name to "Eat It All Up Nutella Pie" for the kids.) I had such a good time trying different ways to best include Nutella into this recipe. The original pie is dense, sticky and rich, which also describes Nutella right out of the jar.So, some adapting and developing needed to happen to keep the balance while adding the chocolate and "hazelnutty" richness to the filling. The result (after a few tries and bouncing off the wall from all the sugar I consumed developing this) is a doubly-addictive cookie pie full of delightful trouble. I highly recommend making two at a time. :DIf you can't get enough Nutella (joiKim Fliehmann


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