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Breakfast Ham Cups 1/2 egg per cupa little heavy cream (or milk)grated

Breakfast Ham Cups 1/2 egg per cupa little heavy cream (or milk)grated cheeseonions and peppers, diced smalla small pat of buttera couple of young green onionsham slices, a little thicksalt and pepper to tasteStep-by-step:To saute the onions, I cheated a little.  I added the butter to the frozen onions/peppers and threw them in the microwave for 2 minutes.  I told you this was a no-brainer recipe! frozen onions, pepper, a small pat of butterCooking tip - frozen onions and peppers break down much more quickly than fresh ones.  So when you chop too many for a recipe, or have leftovers, store them in a zip-top bag in the freezer.  This makes prep for other dishes so much faster!sauteed onionsSpray the muffin tin cups with non-stick cooking spray.  Line each with a slice of ham.Add the cooked onions/peppers Sprinkle in some shredded cheese.  I used cheddar, but Swiss or Gruyere would be great, too. Pour in the egg mixtureeggsa little heavy creamsalt and pepperbeat well with a fork Chop a small green onion top and divide onto each. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes The eggs get all fluffy and set; the ham gets all crunchy on the edges.  Yum.Su Haggerty


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