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Oreo Snowman Pops: You are here: Home / Christmas / Oreo Snowman Pops Oreo Snowman Pops 29 Comments Photobucket I tell ya…I am obsessed with Snowmen…so I apologize in advance for yet another snowman related post. This time I wanted to make some Snowman pops that were similar to these Reindeer Pops. Photobucket Simply take some Double Stuff Oreos (or Oreo Cakesters) and insert a popsicle or sucker stick into the frosting in the middle of the Oreo. Melt some white chocolate. I used white CandiQuik which can be found in the baking supply area of your grocery store. It melts very quickly and covers very nicely. Then set them to dry on some wax paper. Add mini chocolate chips for the eyes and the mouth. Add a candy corn for the nose. That’s it.Jamie Sattiaux


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