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Candy cane heart wreath work with mini candy canes? way to incorporate in cookie swap? maybe a super-mini tree with this as the topper? Candy Cane Wreath: - Create a festive Candy Cane Wreath with this free how-to series from Beverly's! Materials: •22 Candy Canes •Hot Glue •E6000 •Ribbon Directions: 1) Glue candy cane pairs together, back to back (with the curve facing outward). Tie a piece of ribbon to hold them together. Repeat 11 times. 2) Lay out candy cane pieces & glue tips together creating a heart shape. 3) To secure candy canes together, dab E6000 on all points. Let dry for a couple of hours or overnight. 4) Use leftover ribbon to hang the wreath.Aimee Floyd


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