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May have to try this... Homeworkopoly! In our class, one of the

May have to try this... Homeworkopoly! In our class, one of the most anticipated activities each week is Homeworkopoly, which you can learn more about at This is the only reward/incentive system I use in class. This summer, I adapted the gameboard to meet the needs of my class and to match our room. There are two files if you are interested... 1. Homework Board 2. Homework Cards How to Play: Each student who has completed all homework assignments for the week gets one turn. If a student lands on "Chance" or "Computer Card", they will get the prize shown on that card (see below for prizes). If a student lands on "Spelling Question" or "Math Question", they must answer a review question (this is the part the teacher loves!!) Some things that have worked well: I found these really great business card holders on Amazon this summer. I hot glued them to the bulletin and board to hold the game cards. As for the prizes, I keep them pretty simple and inexpensive. Currently, our prizes include: Use a pen all day Choose a book for the classroom library from the next book order Homework PassJessica Maxwell

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