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Top 5 Festive DIY String Lights Tutorials I’ve seen some pretty darn

Top 5 Festive DIY String Lights Tutorials I’ve seen some pretty darn cute DIY projects involving string lights ~ here are my top 5: Rustic rattan ball string lights: via Crafty Butt (yes, there really is a blog called ‘crafty butt’!) Romantic, feminine tissue paper string lights: DIY or Don’t via Sparkle And Hay Geometric cube string lights: via Wit And Whistle Adorable Dixie cup string lights: via Hey Gorgeous Now, Anna Lee Company have come up with a super creative (and super simple) DIY string light project perfect for the festive season and beyond… Christmas Ornament String Lights! Clear ornaments are the perfect size to attach to string lights for minimalist, chic decor at parties, weddings or just around the home ~ yet another stroke of crafty genius by Kelly and Jodi of Anna Lee Company! Here’s what they had to say about the project: Every once in awhile in our crafting adventures we’ll work through some projects and then it comes the great idea, and it’s like a light goes off. Well this one had both a literal and figurative light. I’m afraid the picture doesn’t quite do the effect justice. But trust me adding these glass ornaments to a basic string of white Christmas lights creates something quite stunning. I’d love to create a gigantic glass vase centerpiece with these lights and ornaments, the reflections alone would be insane! (but that would require me to have a large table, many, many large glass vases which would require much, much storage….someday I will folks!) To make we simply removed the hook and silver cap off of our ornaments, inserted the light and snapped the hook back into the ornament to secure the light. The possibilities for this project are ENDLESS ~ you could use coloured, patterned or different shaped ornaments (as long a they have a small circular opening at the top). Genius I tell you. To see what other DIY goodness Anna Lee Company have been creating with Christmas ornaments head on over to their blog or Facebook page.Terra Morgan Mullis

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