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How to Choose Evergreens for Planting in Pots: Paul James shares some

How to Choose Evergreens for Planting in Pots: Paul James shares some of his favorite evergreen choices for unique potted plantings. Nearly all evergreens grow great in containers. Evergreens that outgrow their containers, you can either repot them in a larger container or plant them in the ground. Boxwoods make great container plants... two species available the European boxwood and the Japanese boxwood. 'Hicks' yew (Taxus x media, 'Hicksii') is an upright, shade-tolerant shrub that like the boxwood has both European and Japanese roots. For a unique plant look, try adding a holly known as 'Sky Pencil' (Ilex crenata) to your garden space. 'Sky Pencil' looks equally good in the ground or in a pot, where it can remain for several years. Another unusual upright plant is the juniper called 'Skyrocket' (Juniperus scopulorum). This sun lover maintains beautiful silvery-blue foliage year-round, and grows to 15 feet tall and just two feet wide. "While 'Skyrocket' is most often used in formal landscapes. At the other extreme is this ground-hugging juniper known as 'Greenmound' or Juniperus procumbens 'Greenmound.' It grows to 8 inches tall and gradually spreads to about 6 feet wide. 'Greenmound' is most often used as a groundcover, and it's great for controlling erosion along hillsides, but it can also be trained as a bonsai. The last container evergreen happens to be one of James' favorites. 'Bosnian Pine,' or Pinus leucodermis, and features dark green needles that are densely packed; in time there will be attractive purplish-bluish cones. Like 'Greenmound,' it's also a slow grower.K

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