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Oreo Cookie cameos! on the website: Artist Judith Klausner has been playing

Oreo Cookie cameos! on the website: Artist Judith Klausner has been playing with her food since childhood. Her parents encouraged creativity at the table (as long as she ate the food in the end!), and let her imagination run wild. Now, all grown up, she’s turned her attention to food once again. Her latest series recalls the Victorian era with cameos, needlepoint, and floral wallpaper. But she serves these traditional crafts up with a twist — they’re all made from everyday foods. Her painstaking Oreo cameos are carved in intricate detail. Depicting Roman men, and damsels with twirling hair, it’s easy to forget that these really are just regular old Oreos. Klausner has also created needlepoint samples sewn in to Chex cereal, wall paper made from popular condiments, and photo-realistic embroidery on toast. The artist’s attention to the minutiae of everyday life brings our own attention to the smaller things, and gives us reason to take a second look at the mundane. Thanks to Judith Klausner, we’ll never look at an Oreo the same way again.Marie DelRosario

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