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Three Tiered Cupcake Displays So I think I might have a little

Three Tiered Cupcake Displays So I think I might have a little Goodwill shopping addiction. I love browsing around and searching for fun things to rip apart and remodel. So while browsing through I found these amazing black plates that I instantly bought. Two large ones, two medium ones, and two saucer plates ($0.29 each!!!!). My sister's 21st birthday is just around the corner and I couldn't wait to make pink and black cupcake stands. So I went to the dollar tree and bought four glass candle holders to use to divide the tiers. Materials used: food coloring dropper, red and white paint, 6 plates of different sizes, slow drying epoxy, pink spray paint, 4 glass candle holders, and a little bit of patience. (This is enough to make two of the cupcake holders). Step one: Remove the dropper head from the food dye dropper and clean out the bottle. Since I didn't have any pink paint I mixed two parts red and one part white paint into the bottle. Replace the head and shake to mix. Step Two: Gently squeeze the dropper to produce cute even pink drops on the outline of the plates. Try to even place the dots but get creative and make any pattern you want. Step Three: Spray paint the candle sticks pink. Wait for the paint to dry. Step Four: Mix the epoxy according to the directions. I chose slow drying epoxy so I could maneuver and steady the candle holders in position between the plates. Apply the mixed epoxy with a q-tip to the bottom of the candle stick holder and position in the center of the largest plate. Step Five: Apply epoxy to the top on the candle stick holder and position the medium plate over the candle stick. (Yes I wear plaid.) Step Six: Repeat the process to epoxy the last plate in place over the candle stick and medium plate. Just add some cupcakes and enjoy!!HRH Neenerita

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