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santosha65: This incredible photo marks the end of Matador Torero Alvaro Munera’s career. He collapsed in remorse mid-fight when he realized he was having to prompt this otherwise gentle beast to fight. He went on to become an avid opponent of bullfights. Even grievously wounded by picadors, he did not attack this man. Torrero Munera is quoted as saying of this moment: “And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. It was like a cry for justice, deep down inside of me. I describe it as being like a prayer - because if one confesses, it is hoped, that one is forgiven. I felt like the worst shit on earth.” I am not a believer in animal rights- if there are no rights in the world for humans, why should animals get them?- but I am a collector of moments when a person has a completely groundshaking revelation that drastically alters the course of their lives.  In this sense I extend the definition of the phrase theophany to include any encounter with oneness in the universe.  The example of the bullfighter is a nice and tidy package to conceive, its a heartwarmer, but these moments happen on a more complex and subtle scale, such as the circuit board designer who visits children poisoned by an electronics dump in India and returns to advocate radical changes of circuit board design.Duane Wirak

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